Friday, 22 October 2010

'The Absurd Balloon' on Threadless

Following on from the fantastic response I've had to 'The Absurd Balloon' I've decided to submit it to Threadless to see if I can get it printed on a t-shirt. I'm more partial to a white t-shirt than a colour one but I've included a light blue option as well.

I really need some help getting it scored well so please take a minute to score it (preferably high!) and tick the 'Buy it' box too. Comments would also be appreciated - click here to be taken to the 'Absurd Balloon' Threadless page.

If you cut and paste your comments on Threadless about the design into this blog and it gets picked I'll send you a t-shirt when it gets printed!


borden said...

I love the blank Muskox look; they can't be that smart! If I were to wear this Tshirt, people would stop me on the street and ask me about it. Naturally, I would tell them what was in the Mind Of Mat Pringle! Well, actually, it's a total mystery to me. I would let my children play with him, however.

├ůsa said...


There's no link to threadless and to vote,

sam said...

radness unlimited

Marie Campbell said...

This caught my eye on IF so it's nice to see it on Threadless.

I think it's perfect as it is, wouldn't change the design one bit and would definitely wear it. Love it!

Mat Pringle said...

Thanks everyone!

Asa - look closer and you'll see the link!

sarah said...

hi... i was checking to see if it got printed or not. here was my comment. I hope it gets printed... anyhow I did vote (5 - obviously) and wrote this

"it's awesome. I'd buy it anyway, but would join the less boxy camp too"

good luck