Friday, 28 May 2010

Zine Sketches Take 1 - Tom Waits

As keen and studious readers of my blog you will be more than privy to the fact I have a fantastic zine coming out shortly featuring a sterling array of illustrators such as Stones Throw Records in-house illustrator (well near as dammit!) and Sofrito playboy Lewis Heriz, all-illustrating, all-screenprinting, all-soy milk drinking Ben Javens and Lizzie Stewart fresh from her stunning 'The Men Who Built Magnitogorsk' exhibition in Leeds to name just three of the twenty odd involved. Each illustrator or designer has drawn me their favourite musician or band and I have pain-stakingly compiled them into a beautiful screen-printed zine which will be available by the end of June.

In the meantime in an attempt to diffuse too much excitement and over-anticipation here are some of my shitty skecthes what didn't make the grade. Fret not - my final contribution is actually quite good!

This is Tom Waits. Or more precisely the bastard off-spring of Tom Waits and Jean-Michel Basquiat. It's not very good. There's more to come too. I'd be great on Dragon's Den. Here are some shitty examples of something I want you to invest in. Are you keen? No? Oh okay - I'll just see myself out then...

I found it very hard to settle on a favourite musician too. I love Tom Waits circa 'Swordfishtrombones' and 'Rain Dogs' and admit to having a tiny man-crush on him in 'Down by Law' but I can't claim to be a completist or nowt. So for now you're just going to have keep guessing who I went for. In fact if you guess correctly you'll win yourself a free zine!

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