Monday, 24 May 2010

C is for Crow Print Session

Here are a few hastily taken photos from the C is for Crow printing session I did a few weeks ago. Screen-printing from home is for the most part fun but can throw up some interesting obstacles like finding places for your prints to dry when you haven't got a drying rack. Not sure Annie is totally mad about me cleaning screens in the bath either. Feel free to get in touch if I'm endangering our lives with the use of various screen-cleaning chemicals in a domestic bath-room.

The print run went well - managed to pull 45 good prints from a batch of 50. I'm currently going through the good ones and adding an ink wash to each. I should have them up for sale in the next few weeks but I need to set up my new Etsy store so it may take a little bit longer.

I'm also fine-tuning the illustrated musicians zine laboriously in In-Design and I'm hoping to screen-print the covers in the next two weeks for a late June release. Still need a decent name though. It's been a long time coming and for that I apologize. No internet combined with creative constipation is to blame. That and the fact I'm terminally fucking lazy and would rather drink beer in my garden.


anders said...

That looks really good. I like it!

Ben Javens said...

Nice work Mat! Big runs and drying space is a pain and out of all the equipment I wish I had, a drying rack would be it.

Yeah, always make sure you clean the bath before the lady of the house gets home (I keep telling myself that but always forget).

Mat Pringle said...


Ben - thanks for all the guidance on screen-printing from home - it's been very helpful. I'll send you a print when I send you your copies of the zine.