Sunday, 25 October 2009

California pt.II - The Records

Apologies once again for the pathetic amount of updates - got so much illustrative work on the go at the moment not to mention my proper job, countless punctures to fix and noisy neighbors keeping me from my precious sleep amongst other things I've just not had a moment spare. More about the illustrative projects later but for now here are the records I bought home from California.

I managed to grab some Bollywood staples for a few dollars a-piece - they're battered to fuck (I left the Gumnaam soundtrack out of the photo as it has no cover but features the incredible 'Jan Pechechan Ho' as featured in Ghost World) but they all play fine saving me a lot of money. Highlights include RD Burman's 'Caravan' featuring whacked out cabaret song 'Piya Tu Ab To Aja', his squelchy sonic Bond overhaul from the soundtrack to 'Shaan', the epic disco fuckery of 'Pyar Karne Wale' from the same film and pick of the bunch 'Aankhen Meri Maikhana' from the film Sawan Badon featuring more drum-heavy bonkers surf guitar and Asha Bhosle's irrestible vocals. Now will someone hook me up with the 'Shalimar' and 'Dharmatma' lps please?

The exchange rate favoured me once more so a quick stop off at Ameoba Records got me up to speed on some more recent records I hadn't had the money to pick up in the UK; Jim O'Rourke, Arthur Russell, Obits (Rick Froberg of Drive Like Jehu's new band), Cougar Den (with screenprinted Aaron Horkey sleeve), Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver. I also managed to bag some cheapie lps round Santa Cruz like Soft Machine, King Crimson, The Strawbs, Sweetwater, Fleetwood Mac and Donovan. And a good few 7"s too including Bettye Swann's fantastic 'Closed for the Season'. Twice. One copies just not enough.

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I really like your illustrations, congrats !