Thursday, 15 October 2009

California pt.I - The Prints

Jet-lag has me in it's draining and unpredictable clutches so this is going to be brief. I thought I'd shrugged it off having slept soundly my first night back in England and managed a whole day of work with minimal yawnage but I sprang to life at four o'clock this morning for no apparent reason. I ventured into the kitchen to do some night-time sketches but needless to say today's been a slog.

I've got a few Californian posts to follow including the obligatory record haul (including a battered Bollywood cache), a few doodles (mostly ornithological - nautical was so 2008) and exhibitions etc but for now here's some of the prints awaiting my arrival in San Francisco. I'd been stockpiling records and prints at Annie's parents (thanks again!) for the last few months and was shocked at how many I'd amassed. Here are the best of them;

First up Drew Millward's jaw-droppingly good Mogwai poster which is without doubt the most technically incredible screenprint I own. Nice to see a UK fella holding his own against the heavyweights. For me the best print of 2009 unless something mad-silly-stoopid good comes out in the next two months...

Next up are two of a seven part Letterpress series called 'Hovels and Hideaways' featuring several different illustrators and released via The Cloudy Collection. Dirt cheap and with a two tone brown/pink palette that plants it stylistically in a fuzzy nostalgic Seventies illustrative vein I was unable to resist.

Speaking of Letterpress aceness 'The Enamored Whale' by Alberto Cerriteno is the fucking nuts.

Cheapo Daniel Danger prints are always a winner with me especially when combined with a band as consistently good n' noisy as Sonic Youth. I also picked up my DD Royal Tenebaums print as well which I posted before but looks even better in the flesh.

And finally another Drew Millward beastie again this time for the drum-heavy Deerhoof.

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