Sunday, 6 September 2009

Special Benny - Air Filter

All work and no play makes Mat a dull boy. I've been very busy of late hence no blog updates to speak of but I've got tons to put up including the epic screen-printing of 500 sleeves for dubstep record label 2nd Drop Records which followed a rather excitable boozy discussion and subsequently bit me on the arse with the amount of work involved but I'm very happy with the finished article. More later. I may even post pictures of my calloused squeegee hands. For re@lz. Nice to reaffirm my dubstep connections as well - I used to play 40-40 with Benga back in the day on my estate...

In the meantime here's a sneak preview of Special Benny's new single 'Air Filter' which is fantastic. I'm currently doing the artwork for their forthcoming album which is absolutely smashing all nepotism aside and would happily sit amongst my albums of 2009 alongside Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective and Samandtheplants but for the fact it's not actually out until 2010. Ooof - just writing 2010 is a bit scary. Anyway I think my first take on Special Benny was Can meets the 'Dan but I've since decided that's fucking nonsense. I'll try and think of something a bit more constructive for when the album comes out but in the meantime have a listen here.

I've also been at Ruth and Matthew's wedding which I supplied the music for which was very agreeable for the three of us at least. Hence dance floor meltdown to Animal Collective's 'Brother Sport' that was totally wasted on all but myself and the bride and groom. Still it's nice to have a bit of room to maneuver. I maneuvered to such an extent earlier on in the night that on my third or fourth lap of the dance floor (and to the blessed tones of Wolf Parade's 'I'll Believe in Anything') I completely lost balance, mounted a table full of of food stuffs, managed to regain balance on a bowl of curry, plunged into some kind of child-like roly poly and somehow ended up straight back on my feet moving seemlessly into my next move. Smooth. Curry all over my brand new suit. All the same I'd do it all over again in a second such was the wonder of the day.

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