Saturday, 4 July 2009

Fabric Interview expanded!

The delightful folk at Fabric have been saying nice things about me again and I've been included on their blog and twittered apparently - if you missed it the first time around here's the article with added pictures.

I've got lots of illustration on the go at the moment including some work for dubstep record label 2nd Drop Records and I'm also doing some drafts of a comic strip for a fellow record nerd (all a bit hush hush for now) along with finishing various other personal projects, most significantly a final epic nautical screenprint. I wanted to knock all the sea nonsense on the head but I just can't seem to leave it alone - probably not helped by a smashing 24 hours in the coastal town of Southwold involving lots of sun, a tent, some beer and oooh at least an hours crabbing. And trying to bludgeon a fishes head from it's body with a rock specifically for crab-bait whilst massively hung-over on the side of a harbour wall at 10 o'clock in the morning.

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