Friday, 5 June 2009

Russ Mills exhibition

Way back in the annals of this esteemed blog I unashamedly bragged about grabbing two Russ Mills prints which sold out in a matter of hours - boo hoo for you! However now is not the time to weep into your weetabix for he has his first ever exhibition and it's already started! I popped along last night and was struck at the acesomeness of his work. Then slightly disappointed to find on closer inspection it's all digitally rendered and printed onto canvas. Had I given it some proper thought I would've realised such erratic paint throwing in such a controlled manner would be virtually impossible straight onto canvas but hey. His work is fantastic all the same and I encourage everyone to go and see it for themselves. It's at the Signal Gallery for the next couple of weeks. Good luck fighting your way through the seemingly endless throng of stupidly dressed, stupidly rich, stupidly faced fucktards with stupid fucking haircuts that infect the surrounding streets. A virus with shoes. Stupid coloured ones at that. I'd dearly like nothing more than to punch each and everyone of them in the throat for the rest of my days but there's more important things in life. I can't actually think of any at the moment but I digress.


Annie said...

I think you could use the F word a couple more times.

Mat Pringle said...

There's only two - I usually use more than that saying grace.