Monday, 25 May 2009

Bank Holiday Bike Fun

Sunshine on a bank holiday weekend? Who'd have thunk it...?

I've been thinking about giving my no-frills bike a make-over for a while now but never quite got round to it until this weekend when I decided to throw caution to the wind and just go at it. It was a lot of work though not helped by the fact we were staying at my mum's house and I'd not thought to bring any tools/bike lube/grease/anything... I rode down from Print Club in Dalston to Coulsdon (home of dub-step no less or so I'm told...) on Friday afternoon in about an hour and three-quarters which is none-too-shoddy for 23 miles.

We set up about dismantling/cleaning/sanding down the bike on Saturday and it was a total ball-ache but as soon as the first layer of grey primer went on I could tell it was gonna look much improved. Several coats of 'Ford Riviera Blue' and a protective finish later and I now have a good-looking bike to beat the shit out of - perfick.


jeffcapeshop said...

slack chain!

Mat Pringle said...

Innit - it filthy too...