Thursday, 16 April 2009

Drew Millward print

The last few days have been a little nautically intense and frankly if I never cut out anything ever again it'll be too soon. Epic Octopus Attack has finished me off... I sat down and worked out my profit margin against raw materials/Print Club membership/hours spent on each finished piece and worked out I'd be a lot better off getting a paper round. Oh well it was fun. Well sort of. The first batch has been sent - thanks for being patient consumers and I hope you all enjoy.

I finally received my new Drew Millward Letterpress print and it's a facking beauty. Right I'm off to nurse my blistered cutting hand and drink lager-pop...

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Cooper's Market said...

I met Mr Millward the other weekend. we had stalls next to each other at the British Wildlife Festival in Leeds.

He was keen to sell his customized skate board decks. If you know anyone in to his stuff who's into skating, i believe a very reasonable price can be negotiated!!

i like your octopus lots