Saturday, 28 February 2009


Samandtheplants just released a super-limited (41!) home made cd called 'In the Scare Shed' which is brilliant. It's almost impossible to pin down in words (certainly when your grasp of language is as limited as mine) so instead of attempting to stumble around with overly whimsical nonsense like 'delightfully wonky folk-hop' that I'll instantly cringe about I've just nicked a bit from some other fellas blog who says "his sounds are so rural it's almost as if all his instruments are made from bracken" which works much better.

I saw him playing some especially odd looking instruments (disappointly not made of bracken) in a tiny old cinema at the Llama festival last year which was also brilliant. So there you have it - at my expository peak I conclude that samandtheplants is brilliant. Twice.

Anyway there's four left and they cost seven quid with postage so you'd have to be some kind of fucktard not to get one really. Oh and he also has a new lp proper out on the brilliant Twisted Nerve record label but I haven't got it yet 'cos I'm skinted having just moved into a new flat, been to Budapest and bought far too many drum-heavy feedback drenched Hungarian psyche lps and seemingly just discovered the joys of overly priced fizzy beer all over again. We also have no internet hence limited blogging. There is so much more to come. And some new art from me too which is kind of the whole point of this blog anyway. I shut up now.

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